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Pause to Embed magnet or nut

It has taken me several hours of experimenting to figure out how to add the gcode to pause the printer and move the bed out to allow a magnet to be added to a print. I was never able to get {if layer_num = 14} blah blah blah to work.

Adding "post processing" scripts to do a search/replace is really an odd and non-intuitive solution! (though, I did get it to work). How about some screen options "Pause - at which layer? when you pause where would you like the bed to sit x y " Then when you hit the button, it would know to reheat the nozzle. This isn't that difficult. Frankly I would be thrilled if the {if} statement would work the way you think it would. Instead, it pauses at EVERY layer.
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Re: Pause to Embed magnet or nut

I believe I was able to use a bogus temp change at the layer I needed a stop. The using the post script, it looked for the bogus values as a command. This command is then switched with the instruction to pause the print and move the head away.

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Re: Pause to Embed magnet or nut

Different ways of doing it and depends on your Printer/Firmware! Gcode/Mcode usage is different so, you need to dig into it a bit...
I have different printers and the 'Same' G/M codes do not work on all - it requires Trial & Error.

Example Result screenshot below with a Nut inserted.

Summary: Generally, Three simple ways of doing it...

Option 1) Two Process; One for the lower section, stopping at desired height, and Second process for continuing from the stopped-at height.

Option 2) Using a Script to Pause at Height/Layer. Then, continuing the print.

Option 3) Using the Pause/Move/Resume feature on Printer

Regarding Option 1): Screenshot. Depending on your Printer/Firmware, you may be able to use the Move Extruder feature on printer after it stops at desired layer/height the, select Resume from printer’s menu.
I can do it this way on my Prussa printers with Marlin firmware.

Regarding Option 2) I have scripts that Pause, Move the extruder to front of printer (to get out of the way and change filament is desired).
Pause commands go in the ‘Additional Terminal Commands field at bottom of Scripts panel.

Regarding Option 3) I tweaked/re-coded the Firmware to provide Pause and Resume but, most likely beyond a general users knowledge/skill/interest.

I recommend seeing if your printer does Pause & Resume (and, if you can issue move commands or select from Menu to do it while it’s paused.

EDIT: After posting, I looked through my paperwork and was reminded of a Very Simple way to Pause, Move extruder and Resume: It will depend on your printer but, on my printers, I can Trip the Broken-Filament switch and the Printer automatically Pauses, Moved the extruder to front of machine and waits for me to Press the Button to Resume. I just confirmed it still works :D
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Re: Pause to Embed magnet or nut

This is what I use, It has worked for me. I have it stop at layer 16: {REPLACE "\n; layer 16, Z = " "; layer 19\nG28 Y0 X0\nM300\nM25\nG92 E0\nG28 Y0 X0\n; layer 16 "}

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