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Under Extrusion at the Start of Solid Infill

Fri Mar 12, 2021 11:06 am


Hi there!

Need help here, I'm still new to 3D printing (~ a month). I'm trying to get my first layer right, and I printed a bed level test as you can see above, or attached.

I notice that the extrusion is consistently bad when it just completed the perimeter and start printing the solid infill. You can see the gaps on the top left corner of the golden box there. I don't see such a gap when I use another slicer (Flashprint), so I'm pretty this is something that can be fixed from a slicer setting. I've printed a dozen times trying to figure out which parameters in S3D that could fix this, but no good.

I hope one of the expert here could advise me what can I try to fix this...

Here's what I'm printing with:
printer: Flashforge Adventurer 3 (0.4mm nozzle)
filament: Fillamentum Gold 1.75mm diameter

And here's my S3D setup:
Extrusion multiplier: 1.00 - 1.10 (varying this doesn't help)
Extrusion width: 0.40 (following nozzle diameter)
Retraction: 6mm at 25m/sec (tried varying the extra restart distance from 0.0-2.0mm)
Coasting distance: 0.2mm
Wipe Distance: 5.0mm

Layer height: 0,18mm
First layer height: 100% (tried up to 130%)
First layer width: 100% (tried up to 125%)
First layer speed: 50%

Interior Infill Percentage: 20% (up from 15%)
Infill extrusion width: 100%

Temperature: bed at 55C, extruder at 205C
cooling: no (first layer)

Printing Speed: 60 mm/sec
Solid infill underspeed: 80%
X/Y axis movement speed: 80 mm/sec (tried 60mm/sec)

best regards,

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Re: Under Extrusion at the Start of Solid Infill

Thu Mar 25, 2021 12:19 pm

Hi! The first thing is to be sure that your bed is leveled and then I normally use a 0,3mm layer height and it goes well. I see you use 0,18mm and I think it could be too close to the bed to let the filament flows. Did you try using a 200% first layer height?

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Re: Under Extrusion at the Start of Solid Infill

Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:48 pm

Firstly...your picture isn't showing. Avoid messing around linking to a third party image site - use the built-in attachment feature using the little square button to the right of "Options" prompt at the bottom of the entry page.

If you're relatively new, then fiddling with all of the settings you've said you have changed is the wrong way!.

Go back to the standard S3D PLA profile and repeat your test from there. Its your starting nozzle height you need to adjust to get a good first layer finish and/or good adhesion.

Do a print and look at the bottom surface....the ideal is a smooth finish with no plastic spreading out forming a ridge around the edge. If you have grooves in the face, indicating that the plastic did not form a complete smooth surface, then your printer nozzle is set too high. If you have the "elephants foot" effect (ie a ridge squished out around the edge), your nozzle was too close. Fine tune the starting nozzle height by adjusting the Global-Z value in the GCodes tab of the settings. The value will be zero to start with....and can be adjusted in both the positive and negative direction. Adjust +ve to RAISE the nozzle and -ve to LOWER the nozzle. Start first by approx 25% of your layer height, print and review. Repeat until you get the desired surface.
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