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support settings not updating in prepare to print screen

Tue Apr 27, 2021 1:06 pm

I have been attempting to change the resolution and other settings for support structure.
Visually, of the items you can see in the main screen, seem to update, resolution does for sure.
However when I prepare to print the resolution is not updating, it is staying at what I'm assuming is the default 4mm spacing.
It will pull in and show additional angles, dense support layers, inflation distance, etc but the resolution stays the same.

Am I misunderstanding the resolution setting to control the spacing horizontally between supports?
Am I missing a setting somewhere thats overriding this?
Or is there something wrong with the software?

Also, I have removed supports and regenerated in the main screen. I have removed all supports and just prepared to print letting the support generation happen at that point.

Thanks for the help!

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