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More override settings

In the machine control panel, I can change the speed with the large knobs. I think this is a very good feature. But it would be good if there was other similar features could be changed on the fly.

For example, flowrate tweaking.

Currently I have to print out a large square for calibrating my printer. But it is difficult to remove from the bed until it cools down and take a long time even with a fan. So it is easier to let it print the whole square so it comes off in one piece. Then do the flowrate tweaking, let it heat up again and print again. Doing this going around in circles all day just gets frustrating.

So if the flowrate could be changed on the fly, would mean I could visually tweak the flowrate while it is printing and I could probably get it all set up nicely with one print not multiple prints.

Other options like allowing the acceleration to be changed control panel would also be useful. Also things like in-fill overlaps. Have to be done visually for best results, but again this can take multiple prints to get affected. So allowing more tweaking options on-the-fly would be incredibly useful.

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