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Swapping Nozzles, Priming Tower adjustments

In my workflow, theres been a couple options I wish I could use.

-A"Swap Nozzles" option, so you don't need to go and tweak a bunch of individual features if the solids were selected wrong

-A Taper option or something similar for the Priming Tower. - It usually doesn't take much to prime the nozzle, but I've had to make larger priming towers simply because they will tip over if they get too tall. If there was a way to taper the priming tower so it had a larger base, this would be less of a problem.

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Re: Swapping Nozzles, Priming Tower adjustments

Thank you for your extremely valuable feature requests. Optimizing the usability of the software like in your first suggestion is a large focus for our development team. Providing additional options for the Prime Pillar would be really valuable for all of our users that are utilizing dual extrusion options. I've documented these requests for our team to review.
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