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Multi-process relative layer height

Hi everyone. I'm having a problem with layer count when using multiple processes. Sometimes, layer count is relative other absolute
Relative... each processor first layer is depending on its starting height
Absolute... no matter processor first layer is always the first one
I'm testing small part that consists for one process until 2mm (layer 0.25) and second process starting from 2mm and up with (layer 0.20). Until now it was working with relative layer number.
process1. 1 layer temp 225, 2 layer 210
process2, 1 layer temp 210
so when coming to second layer (2mm) it was working normal and temperature is not jumping around. I was printing different versions of this part when suddenly PRINT HALTED. It was on the first layer, temperature was 225 and it "wanted" 210. So suddenly without any change it started counting layers like absolute ones. First is first for all etc. So I've had to change process temperature (bed, cooling...) to be exactly the same as process1

I haven't even change processors etc, I'm just changing the part version and start printing. I've had this issue before, but as I'm not often printing with more than one processor it is not a problem but ?

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