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Perimeters Not Bonding.

S3D 4.12,
eSun PLA+
Temps - 215/65
Speed - 40mm/s base.
3 perimeters, 4 top/bottom.

Perimeters not bonding but it is only on two of the 4 sides. The other two sides are good.
I pulled them apart to test and see how much bonded.

Thanks for any ideas.
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Re: Perimeters Not Bonding.

Not knowing what its set at, I can't suggest what to increase it to.....but try increasing the outline overlap.

There again, looking at the gaps in the top surface, I'm wondering if your extrusion multiplier might need increasing......again, from and to, is anybody's guess!
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Re: Perimeters Not Bonding.

Thanks and been a long time since I've been on here!

I'm leaning toward under extrusion myself.
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Re: Perimeters Not Bonding.

Usually when I have encountered non-symmetric behavior like the perimeter bonding issue in the pictures, it has been related to slop in one axis. Something like a pulley set screw working loose or even a belt that needs tightened. Hard to say if that is the case here, but may be worth a check.

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