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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

I always thought time-based subscription makes more sense than perpetual license. In the time-based model, there is more reliable revenue to support a team, which basically expects a reliable salary. In the perpetual model, the company is forced to come up with nominal upgrades just to justify an upgrade price, when maybe effort would be better spent on bug fixes, etc. It makes the engineering work slave to the need to constantly pimp a new upgrade for money, instead of leaving engineers to plan what is best from an engineering point of view. I would not mind an annual fee for S3D.

Microsoft does this now for Office, and I think it helps the product a lot. Before, when licenses were perpetual, they were constantly trying to push out unwanted/unneeded changes just to have something to attach a price tag to. It was worse than doing nothing, it was super disruptive to the users.
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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

jaymcd wrote: Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:58 am There is a blog as recent as June 30th, so it appears people are still working there. That said, they have not responded to anything related to V5 or upgrades or enhancements, or future, in anyway for a LONG time. Based on what seems like deliberate selective communications it feels like customers are not worthy of response. I have even sent messages directly to S3D Mitch and S3D Chris with no response. Hate to bash because it is a great product that could be even better if it wasn't for this type of support. Very disappointing.

It "was" a great product.
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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

the need to post a road map to help connect what they are doing with our money.
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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

I have not checked on S3D in months as I have switched to Prusa Slicer over a year ago. P3Dv5 if it does come out will need to be something extra special to get my money again.
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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

Whilst on the one hand I'm a great believer in the supreme power of quiet contemplation, forethought and turning things over and over again in ones mind to reveal deep truths, my supposition would nonetheless be that, in order to produce something and complex and multifactorial as a modern slicer, the only way to do so would be with lots of community participation and public betas. However I think that when S3d first appeared many years ago it did so out of the blue and was streaks ahead of everyone else. So maybe the team can do it again? If they think they can well, that's already significant.
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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

S3D-Jake wrote: Wed Jul 07, 2021 3:48 pm I appreciate you noticing my involvement here on our user community. Thankfully, I'm not alone in moderation duties. In fact, the introduction of other moderators has afforded me more time to help out with other important projects within Simplify3D.

What I said below is still true.
S3D-Jake wrote: Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:18 pm
himadeto wrote: Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:57 am good afternoon. sorry but I don't want to read the whole thread. tell me what about the dates of the new release? thanks.
A release date has not been announced.
gwhite wrote: You may not think S3D is dead, but a large number of your customers do.
I'm a Simplify3D employee and there's not just me here on our community forum. In fact, there are more Simplify3D moderators on here than there ever have been previously. We're all anxious to know more about Simplify3D V5. I don't think it gets anyone any closer to knowing anything more to insinuate that the company is dead or dying. I appreciate your constructive criticism of our communication regarding development progress.

I'd like to point out that a release date was ABSOLUTELY announced via email back in 2019. It was announced as being ready in early 2020, delayed from late 2019. The email text is as follows:

"Preparing for Our Biggest Release Yet
Earlier this year, we announced our plans for a major Version 5.0 update to Simplify3D. We’ve made tremendous progress working towards this goal, so we wanted to share a quick update.

As most of you know, Version 5.0 will be the biggest release since Simplify3D was first launched in 2013. One of our main goals for this release is to create a strong foundation for the future of the software. We’re making major improvements to nearly every component in Simplify3D, allowing us to tackle significant features that were too difficult to implement in the past. This creates a great foundation for Version 5.0 and opens new doors for what we can accomplish in future releases.

Thanks to this new foundation, Version 5.0 will implement more feature requests than any prior release. We have already confirmed over 70 customer feature requests that will be included in Version 5.0, and we’re still working on documenting more. Our development teams have worked hard to align the major changes in the software with the features our customers are requesting the most to make sure we are delivering meaningful changes.

Over the years, Simplify3D has built a reputation for accuracy and reliability. Our QA and Engineering teams are hard at work ensuring that Version 5.0 is ready for your largest and most complex prints on day one. We had originally estimated that Version 5.0 would be completed by the end of 2019, but we have adjusted this estimate to early 2020 to make sure we have enough time to complete this testing and validation. Excellence is one of our core values and we want to make sure that the software continues to deliver the same level of accuracy and dependability that it’s known for.

Innovation is a big part of our DNA, and we are incredibly excited about all of the changes and improvements that will be coming with Version 5.0. We appreciate your input on what you envision for the future of additive manufacturing software, and we look forward to realizing that vision together with Version 5.0 and beyond.

~ The Simplify3D Team"

Since that email, its been nothing but crickets from your company.
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Re: Why has Simplify3D been abandoned ?

I've moved on. It was a fun ride with Simpifly3D years ago, but, they have forced me to move on and I'm must happier for it.
I use SuperSlicer now. It has options that have opened up a whole new world for me and my 3D printers. I should have made this leap a long time ago.

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