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Vase Mode toolpaths

So I'm printing the Eclipson Model A Fus1 part. This is a thin walled design, 0.4mm or 0.8mm thick walls. Regular slicing wasn't producing the best of results, probably mechanical and tuning issues are adding to the difficulties. I turned on vase mode and got much better results but I was surprised to see that it would run the outer perimeter in one direction and then run the inner perimeter in the opposite direction. It's been a long time (and another slicing program) since I have printed a vase but I recall them simply running the perimeters in the same direction. I assume this is normal for S3D? I'm guessing the design of the part has a lot to do with as I know vase mode is typically used with 100% solid models.

It's leaving a small mark where it shifts from the outside perimeter to the inside perimeter which is a slight annoyance but I can likely clear that away with a little effort.

Just an observation.
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Re: Vase Mode toolpaths

You've made the one mistake everyone've not understood "vase mode".

Vase mode is simply printing all of the external surfaces of the just print one perimeter, Nothing else!

Take a cup ( forget the word "vase" at this point...its confusing!).

The outside of the cup is the outside surface of the material its made of. The inside surface of the cup is also the outside surface of the material. So the inside is the outside!! Can you see where the mistake has been made? Simple terminology. Tea goes inside a cup....but the inside of a 3D model might be set to 50% infill.

The simple solution is to make your vase solid. No wall thickness...its just a "blob". Then try vase mode printing again.

A quick fix might be to tick the "Merge all outlines into a single solid model" option on the Advanced settings tab.

Here's a link to another thread where I also try to explain what "vase mode" actually is:
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Re: Vase Mode toolpaths

Create the model solid. if you have the need to say put a hole in the bottom like a flower pot, model it in such a way you can split the model into 2 process and have one that prints the bottom and the second as vase with 0 bottom layers to print the rest.
If you have walls with any hollow inside, vase is not going to do what you want...
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Re: Vase Mode toolpaths

I also had problems printing planes with S3D so I tried Prusaslicer and got it perfect the first try with printing Eclipson Model A and model C. Now Prusa has great support for 3DLabPrint too, so I started to print Me109-F3 which also gives excellent results. With Simplyfi3D I had sporadic under extrusion every now and then and waisted rolls of Filament because of that. I printed SpitFire IX 170mm in one go with prusaslicer and thir own 3mf (slightly modified as I'm using firmware retraction and firmware pressure advance with Duet 3D controller board) with absolutely perfect result.

I stopped using Simplyfi3D and use Prusa and Superslicer exclusively, but checking now and then for the infamous V5 :roll:

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