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Can not connect to the activation server

Hi. I have tried everything, and i am getting this error, on 2 very different macs. One is my work one with is administered by my company, while the other one is at home, with no external administation. I have tried the troubleshooting in the FAQ on both:

- turned off firewall
- used my mobile connection (to avoid potential blocking at ISP) as well as my work connection (3 different networks)
- Dont have any antivirus

One is a macbook with M1 the other is an intel based one.

Both give the same issue and can not connect to activation server.

This is not acceptable. I have had this issue in the past at the start, seemed to go away, bit now when i need to print its there. Any guidance will be appreciated as this is an unacceptable situation, specially with a not very cheap program.

This clearly seems to be recurrent issue in the forum

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