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Re: [Off-topic] Robot vacuum cleaners?

Annieclover2 wrote: Mon May 23, 2022 3:00 am Buying my first "pure clean" robot vacuum was hard considering every type of floor we had to clean – hardwoods, tile, thick area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting. Could it handle the job? The main floor of our house (where we get the most dust & debris) was about 1500 sq. ft. Was it OK to use around pets and small kids? How clean/safe would the floors be after the vacuum went over the floors? After reading the reviews I chose the Pure Clean PURRCX70. None of the other brands sanitized the floors.

I have to say I was a little intimidated when I opened the box. There were a few small parts, but after I read the manual, most of the parts were extras (filters, side cleaning brushes). The setup was simple. The hardest part was to find an area that would be out of the way where I could charge it.
1. Set up the charging station.
2. Put the batteries (2 each AAA) in the remote.
3. Attach the edge brushes.
4. Charge for 6 hours
5. Run

I was concerned that we have too much furniture. I was also concerned we have a combination of hard wood floors, wall to wall carpeting, and thick area rugs. That was easily solved when I saw it goes everywhere! Under dressers, along the walls, closets, hardwood floors to carpet. When was the last time you vacuumed all the way to the back of your bed and dressers???? This PURRCX70 unit did it with ease. On the remote you just push the button when you are ready to start. It has several settings on the remote (Spot clean, zig zag clean, edge clean).
I wasn’t sure of the suction results I would see, considering we had vacuumed our floors two days before this. I was amazed at the dust collected (see the picture of the dust and the filter system. Cleaning the filter was easy.

From using this for a few days now I would make some suggestions
I can wholeheartedly voice the same concerns you were having, this totally makes sense. I've been looking to get another one for my mom's house since she isnt upto the task of cleaning nowadays, I'll be sure to give this recommendation a look! thank you so much!
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Re: [Off-topic] Robot vacuum cleaners?

I ordered a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. Absolutely pleased with them. My friends have the same one, so I decided to order it. And once upon a time, I saw a video about how you can install some programs on it and it will ride around the apartment and grumble that you scattered garbage.

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