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[Off-topic] Some help would be nice.

Hi, this is pretty off-topic but I wanted to ask if anyone here has experience with Windshield replacement for their cars? I've been looking to get one currently and I could really use some help from others who are more versed than me. Is it better to get an OEM or aftermarket windshield replacement job done? I was recently in a pretty bad crash (I got out fine) and my car is totaled. I've been asking around everywhere but no one seems to be able to help with my current dilemma, and I've been very welcomed on this forum so might as well!

I've been doing research and going over the options from guides like this one I found.

It seems helpful but I think I'd still prefer to hear from someone with firsthand experience about what to take under consideration as well as any potential recommendations that you may have. It'd help me out a lot.

Sorry for the off-topic post, just trying my luck.

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Re: [Off-topic] Some help would be nice.

If you are in the US, your insurance may pay for part of the price. You can contact them and they will point you to the preferred installer. If you want to pay for it outright go to and get a free quote. They can come to your house or place of business and do the job.
If you are in Europe, Goggle Belron they are in about 12 countries and actually own Safelite Auto Glass. OEM is best and always first choice but sometimes aftermarket is all the is available. If your car has Any safety/avoidance components that look though the windshield then after replacement the system needs to be recalibrated. This was a Dealer only item but Safelite has the equipment and is certified to do this at their in shop locations. Yes, I do work for Safelite (not an installer.
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Re: [Off-topic] Some help would be nice.

Can't really say much about this, because I always brought my car to the garage and let them do
their magic. Depending on your insurance you don't have to pay for windshield replacements here
in germany, so as airscapes mentioned this might be different...

I've been through a lot of windshields. One day a colleague and me drove to the garage, picking
up my car after a windshield replacement. I managed to drive < 10 miles back to the office when
a small rock from a truck in front of me chipped the brand new windshield... xD

Whatever: Make sure you're getting the proper windshield! In my case somebody ordered a
windshield not meant to be used with the rain sensor included in the housing of the rear view
mirror - the black markings around the windshield were different, so it had to be replaced
again after a few days, the sensor didn't "see" a thing.... make/model sometimes aren't sufficient
to get the proper windshield...

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