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Where are the profiles - WIndows

I just installed S3D on a second Windows PC and need to copy all my Profiles and settings to the new Windows PC.

Where the heck are the Profiles kept? And more specifically what is the easiest (read Safest) way to copy them over. :D

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Re: Where are the profiles - WIndows

As I remember, profiles are stored in registry. Never understood this.
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Re: Where are the profiles - WIndows

Simplify3D stores any registry values for the application here:


Additional storage is used in the "working directory" at:

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Re: Where are the profiles - WIndows

The profiles are stored in the registry and pee is stored in the balls.
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Re: Where are the profiles - WIndows

The safest way looks like exporting profiles one by one, using File - > Export FFF Profile.
There doesn't appear to be an easy way.

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