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Feature Request: Regular release cadence

I'm asking for a change to the development process of S3D, I'd like you guys to discuss and seriously consider a monthly or bi-monthly release cadence, something that allows enough time to test and get smaller new features and bug fixes out.

I know it's a hard transition to make, but it would be for the best of the community and the product. I've worked at multiple development organizations where we switched our release cadence to deliver better customer value. More frequent releases reduces development risks, and gets features into the hands of customers sooner for a quicker feedback cycle.

At my current position, we release every two weeks, it's painful but it's good because it gets us customer feedback ASAP so we can figure out where our investments in features are gaining customer traction, also the longer a completed feature sits unused the less customer value it delivers over it's lifetime. Our team sits down every two weeks and decides what is ready to go out, and we ship it.

Anyways, I'm excited for Simplify3D v5.0 and I hope to see many future releases and awesome new features.

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