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Support Gap Control by distance in V5

Would still like to control the Gap between support by distance in one process. It can be done but still need two separate processes. Would be great if a check box is "support gap by distance". How it can be done now. 

For a model which requires support, create two processes. All distances in mm.
Must be in this order.
process 1 "Support"
process 2 "Model"

let's say you want a layer thickness of 0.25 and a gap of 0.19 at top between support and model

For "Model" process set First Layer to Absolute and 0.25 + 0.19 = 0.44 as the height value
set Support >> Support infill to 0% (effectively disabling support)
set Support >> Upper Support Separation Layer to 0

For "Support" process set first layer to Absolute and to 0.25 as the value
set Infill >> Infill Percentage to 0%
set Infill >> Solid Infill Threshold  Area to 0 (new in V5)
set Layer >> Top Solid Layers to 0
set Layer >> Bottom Solid Layers to 0
set Layer >>  Outline Perimeters 0
set Support >> Upper Support Separation Layer to 0
(this makes it so only the support prints for this process)

When "prepare print"  choose Yes for the "The selected process appear to be printing the same region twice" 
Now "Model" will print only model and "Support" will print only the support where the model is 0.19 mm above the support interface governed by first layer height + gap in the "Model" process.  All the options are there just takes a but of work to get it to work. Most slicers only allow layer to be skipped. Even cura says height by then round up to the next layer height.

What is nice in V5 no longer have to use the percentages and do calculations to figure first layer height. For this to work in V4 it is outlined here: viewtopic.php?p=49886&hilit=support#p49886
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