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Option to "Automatically deactivate on exit"

I jump from computer to computer like many users do. Office, home, workshop etc. Given the Simplify3D approach to licensing, would it be possible to have an option in settings that says, "Automatically deactivate on exit"? That way when I jump from computer to computer I just log in to that machine without violating the license. At the moment I have to remember to deactivate manually and if I forget it's annoying. This approach stills allows for only one simultaneous usage of the product but enables fluidity across machines.

Thanks for listening.
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Re: Option to "Automatically deactivate on exit"

+1 I do the same, I jump from computer to computer, I'd really like to just be able to run 1 instance of S3D on any computer I have it installed on.
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Re: Option to "Automatically deactivate on exit"

Or give us option to use same lic on 2-3 computers.
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Re: Option to "Automatically deactivate on exit"

If you need to constantly switch the license to different computers, then please look at the new floating license option in V5:

That is exactly what that license is intended to do. As soon as you are done using it on one computer, the license is immediately available to be used on a different machine. The standard license is not intended to be moved around like that, so it will only lead to trouble.

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