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Support defaults not sticking

When creating automatic supports and setting the support parameters those parameters are reset back to defaults when starting or reloading a project.

Very annoying. I always use pillar size 1mm and angle 60 which in V4 would be assigned to the process and become the default. Now every time a project is opened, those parameters need to be set manually. They should either be sticky parameters or part of a process like they used to be.

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Re: Support defaults not sticking

Funny enough, when I first read this I though you meant the supports were not "sticking" to the part!

But I think I see what you're saying now. Remember the last used support settings would be a nice change.
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Re: Support defaults not sticking

YESSS!!!! Please.

I came here looking for how to set the default pillar size, only to find this thread.

I finally decided to upgrade to V5 only to find missing functionality from V4. This is unacceptable, in my estimation.

Please, please, PLEASE re institute the ability to make whatever you need as a default. I work with fairly small pieces and I ALWAYS use 1mm pillar size.

Thanks you,

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