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Version 5.0.1 Released with 20+ Improvements

Version 5.0.1 has been officially released making over 20 new changes and improvements based on the feedback we have received during the first weeks after the V5 launch.

Some of the most notable changes are:
  • New mesh repair options to control how geometry is healed during slicing
  • Improved user interface scaling for high DPI displays such as 2K and 4K monitors
  • Updated 3D mouse compatibility with the latest Mac OS releases
  • Models and processes can now be deleted using either the Backspace or Delete key
  • Improved profile migration logic for V4 profiles that may contain invalid XML values
  • Updated WiFi and Ethernet communication for Qidi and FlashForge machines
  • Support for many new 3D printers including the Voron 2.4, Bambu Lab X1, AnkerMake M5, and FLSUN V400
Plus many more additional improvements and bug fixes. You can review the complete list on our Release Notes page at the link below: ... ase-notes/

The release is rollout out to customers gradually over the next few days, but you can download the new 5.0.1 software now by going to Help > Check for Software Updates within Simplify3D V5.

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