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Getting outlines to merge

Hello, I have recently had some difficulty getting the outlines of my prints to merge together. The nozzle diameter is .6mm and im printing polycarbonate at 270c with a bed temp of 110c. I have adjusted the extrusion multiplier, extrusion width and overlap settings many different ways still there is always a gap between the outline layers. This is an issue because I need a strong wall for my screw holes. Any tips on fixing this issue?

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Re: Getting outlines to merge

It still looks like you are under-extruding a lot to me.

What printer are you using? Any chance you have modified the flow rate using M221 or modified the extruder steps per mm?
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Re: Getting outlines to merge

Agree it looks like its under extruding. Does the preview show a gap between the perimeter layers (I assume it won't). If it doesn't then it most like is related to extrusion amount. Have you double checked that the nozzle on the printer is the same size as specified in the Extruder - Nozzle diameter setting? IE, if you have a 6mm nozzle on but specify 5mm in settings, it would behave like it's under extruding.

Also is the extrusion width set to manual or automatic and does the preview change at all with any of these setting changes your making? And last, how many outline perimeters are you setting on that pic? 5? Just checking
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Re: Getting outlines to merge

What layer height are you using?

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