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Time estimation settings

Where can you find data like extruder acceleration? Also jerk is outdated and most modern firmware has moved away from that. For example Klipper uses square corner velocity instead of jerk for XY. If I use 5mm/s for my square corner velocity what is the XY Jerk setting for time estimates in S3D? Also where can I find data on Z jerk or extruder jerk for any given system? I have no idea how or if Klipper uses those. Nor can I find any data on that for my extruder or z axis on my printer.
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Re: Time estimation settings

If you are using Klipper you can enter the square corner velocity for the jerk value. They represent very similar properties.

For determining your Z or E jerk/acceleration, you can look at the firmware configuration if you are using open source firmware. If it's closed you could ask the manufacturer to see if they know.

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