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Custom Infill Angles

Plain and simple: The new "Internal Pattern Rotation" is NOT a sufficient replacement for the previously available custom infill angles.

We can no longer adjust infill angles per layer. Leaving me unable to strengthen my parts per layer / per feature based on the infill angle.

I also used to create custom infill patterns by using different infill angles, which is no longer possible. For example, rotating the wiggle pattern by 90 degrees would result in a brick-looking infill pattern. Not possible anymore With this, I can no longer specify if I would like to include all angles per layer or not either.

Please bring this feature back.
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Re: Custom Infill Angles


Agreed - We need more control over infill angles for infill and support structures
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Re: Custom Infill Angles

agreed +1
I have needed the old way a few times now. keep the new way but have the old as well. not sure it is possible as this seems like it might be a format change for the factory files. but being able to put in something like 30, -30 would create a diamond like pattern. or any combination or number of angle was something other software did not have the ability to do.

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