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Processes disappear every Windows update

Does anyone else experience this? I create many processes to choose from for different nozzles, different speed/quality settings, different materials. Every time I get a Windows update, and every time S3D has an update, I lose all my saved processes. And have to recreate them each time. Very annoying, I use my printers for a couple businesses and have perfected each of these for a specific purpose to get the best print quality under each scenario.
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Re: Processes disappear every Windows update

The processes are meant to change with each print. For example, if you use the variable settings wizard, dual extrusion wizard, configuration assistant, etc they will all replace your current processes for that print.

If you want to save permanent settings, use the S3D profile database. That already backs up all your profiles to the file system so that they should be permanently maintained between updates or anything like that.

To save a process into the profile database, just double click on the process and choose Save As New.

PS - I have never experienced processes being deleted just be doing a Windows update or updating S3D, but I think the advice above will still help make things more reliable
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Re: Processes disappear every Windows update

did you mean profiles?

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