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Settings Override Priority notification and decision action tree option

many times one setting will "override" or "disable" another settings.

Some are obvious. turn on vase mode and your 3 perimeters will be overridden to 1 perimeter

Some are not so obvious.

Anytime simplify has a conflict between two settings it should alert me to this. where its at (show me) and give me the option to prioritize one over the other and show me the changes this will have especially if in more than one location.

For example. I THINK (not 100% sure since it does not tell me) thin wall section behavior was overriding single extrusions settings behavior. I would like some control over this. especially when I tell it to do something and it does not do it. maybe in layer view have a "conflict" button appear as I am viewing layer by layer and if I click "conflict" it highlights the effected segments and shows me the two settings conflicting and lets me pick which is priority.

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