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Install Security on Mac

Can someone from Simplify 3d Please explain why they cannot properly release Mac and Windows software through the stores? I am tired of software the consumer has to "trust" the company that it's free from Malware, viruses, and Tracking. I returned the Creality Ferret because of the same issue. Can we really trust software from China? This is NOT open-source software that we can build and see ourselves that it is safe. The real reason is the 5-15% Apple charges to verify.

BTW: I am a long-time software developer; I would NEVER release software like this.

Just not professional, and I am a professional.
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Re: Install Security on Mac

That's not very professional....

I see nothing wrong with the delivery method, it's been like that for decades. Not all software needs to be on a "store" which is a relatively new concept. I'm sure there are some licensing challenges being on a store, there are fees, and can be major delays in releasing software to a store.
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Re: Install Security on Mac

I don't think that S3D needs to be made available through the App Store, but it does need to be signed with a Developer ID to stop the annoying errors about this being an untrusted developer and the security hole that this opens up. It's highly unprofessional for a "pro" app such as this to not have followed at least the basic security steps for the OS.

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