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Live Preview Tracking not updating in 5.1.0

I can turn on Live Preview Tracking, but it does not update frequently. There is no longer a UI control to set the update interval, so I can't tweak it to see if the behavior changes. There seem to be several issues:

1. When Preview By is set to Layer, it does not update for every layer. I saw the display jump from 27 to 29.

2. The layer number / Z value in the Preview panel can get far ahead of Z value in the Machine Control Panel. I observed Z in Preview stepping up 25 seconds before Z in MCP. I realize there can be buffering in the printer, but that seems a lot. The release announcement said the coordination had been improved... seems to still be an issue.

3. When Preview By is set to Lines, it does not update very frequently. I observe that it stays at the same line number and the graphic does not update, for about 2 minutes. The Lines update does *not* seem to be related to when the Layer changes (i.e. when the Z value jumps). So at this point the Lines preview is not usable.

I'm running 5.1.0 on MacOS Ventura 13.3.1. I'm controlling a Robo3D R1+ over USB.

As others have stated in other posts, the Live Preview Tracking is an important part of our print job management, especially for manual filament changes etc.

Thank you.
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Re: Live Preview Tracking not updating in 5.1.0

Having the same issues with a F410 over Wifi.

By layer doesn't always seem to be accurate, by line it updates even less frequently.
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Re: Live Preview Tracking not updating in 5.1.0

Live view is back? but it is so slow it is useless. I used to use it all the time at 0.1 sec update interval. It was really a live view of what was happening in the print. It now does update but only once every couple of minutes which makes it useless. Please bring back the interval setting
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Re: Live Preview Tracking not updating in 5.1.0

I'm doing a print now over USB and my live preview updates roughly every 3 or so seconds. Are you printing over USB or wirelessly? The refresh rate depends on the printer as well, so it might be slower for some machines.
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Re: Live Preview Tracking not updating in 5.1.0

I am using a Robo3D R1+ connected via USB to a Mac. I have been using this same setup for 6+ years. Live Preview used to work well before 5.x. I saw promotional blurbs for 5.x saying Live Preview was better and more accurate... in my experience it is not, it is worse.

The LP gets way ahead of the printer activity. I know communication is OK because the Machine Control Panel > Communication tab seems accurate. S3D sends a few commands and the printer responds with "ok" each time. So S3D *should* be able to keep track. Maybe a disconnect between MCP and Preview Mode?

At first it seemed possible to me that S3D was just unaware of the printer's buffer. But it gets further and further ahead (30+ layers ahead) and so the buffer explanation doesn't seem right.

I can change the Layer Range to Show slider and it displays correctly. The Live Preview Tracking checkbox gets unchecked when I do that, which is reasonable. When I then check the LPT checkbox, the display jumps ahead to where it was before - 30+ layers ahead of the printer.

I don't understand why the widgets for Play/Pause and Speed even appear during an actual print job. They could be useful for previewing, I guess, but... not during a print.

I've updated to 5.1.2 and it still misbehaves the same way.

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