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BUG: Process profiles can be removed

I shut down a Windows 10 PC without closing Simplify3D software down. When I turned on the PC again and launched the Simplify3D software all the printing Process profiles vanished. And it seems like there is no way to restore them. If I re-select an existing printer profile and that profile had more than one processes before the crash then I`ll never get the other profiles back except the 1st one. This is not good at all.

To the developers:
There is a BUG in the S3D software related to Process settings. And the other S3d users reported you a problems with Process settings as well. But you keep denying that obvious bug for some reason by saying "you're not supposed to have more that one Process" instead of getting it fixed. But why "I'm not supposed to have more than one Process" if there is a button "ADD process" there???

Please, fix the bug.
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Re: BUG: Process profiles can be removed

The software already has a system that was built to permanently save your settings. Just open any process that you want to save and click Save As New to add those settings into your profile database. Those settings are saved permanently in the file system and will be maintained regardless of what you do with the processes.

The processes do tend to change very frequently, so I would not recommend making that the only place that you save your important settings. For example, the Variable Settings Wizard, Multi Extrusion Wizard, Configuration Assistant, etc will all create, modify, and remove processes. The idea is that you create processes for the current parts that you want to print, so they tend to change for each print.

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