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[ADDED] Support for Creality K1 MAX


Simplify3D is the only slicer I ever felt most comfortable using and recently I purchased the new Creality K1 Max.

Can you please tell me if Simplify3D intend to support the Creality K1 MAX, and via WiFi :?: I would hate the idea of having to learn how to use an inferior or alternative slicer :(
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Re: Support for Creality K1 MAX

They are working on it. I know first hand. ;)
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Re: Support for Creality K1 MAX

I have the same question. I'm also looking for answers about how to complete a vibration test in the Creality or Simplify3D software.
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Re: Support for Creality K1 MAX

hi all

i have also bought the k 1 and tried to slice on the ender 5 s1 settings, this however results in the printer doing over and over a bed leveling test and at the end goes into error mode.

the simplify software is for many years my preferred slicer but now i cant use it,

please help
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Re: Support for Creality K1 MAX

We added pre-configured profiles for the Creality K1 and K1 Max in Simplify3D Version 5.1.2. After updating to the latest version, you can download the profiles by going to Help > Configuration Assistant.

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