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Additionnal Features

Hello, I'm using S3D for a while and I see some cool features on Orcaslicer :

- Internal browser to display klipper for example.
- Internal calibration test : Temp / flow / Pressure advance / retract test / Tolerance / Max Flow and VFA for Hotend.
- Maybe Have a material Editor where you can put information of different materials with their settings like : Temp / flow / Pressure advance / Density of material. I see that in Orca Slicer and I think the idea is not bad.
- Tree support.
- Maybe Add more features for the first layer. Like speed travelling and not only Print speed.
- Arc function and it's resolution.
- Painting option for supports.

I know i'm asking too much but S3D is my favorite app.

It should be cool to just select the material with his settings, after if you want to print in 0.2 / 0.16 / 0.12 for example, and load the settings for the Layer height and tweak the settings. I'm looking for a simple interface, and just the essential settings. Cura have too much informations, and it's really easy to be lost. I love S3D because it's simple, and the quality is here. but we can do better interface and friendly. Keep it up the good work ;).
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Re: Additionnal Features

Just wanted to mention that you can actually already connect to Klipper/Mainsail machines over WiFi using the Simplify3D machine control panel. That way you can fully control and monitor the machine while printing. We use it with a lot of our Klipper based machines in the office and it helps a lot!

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