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Scripting please

Scripting is one of the most valuable features in S3D, but for some reason it is impossible to search for them? Please put a full documenting on scripting veritables here on *YOUR resources page under "ADVANCED" where one might expect to find such information? Becasue programming is advanced, or at least it would appear it is. ... :-advanced

Why is this part of your program impossible to search for help with?

This documentation is insufficient: viewtopic.php?t=1959

If you cannot document it, then add a tool to the scripting page that we can select available commands for said scripting tabs.

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE PART OF YOUR PROGRAM AND IT IS LIKE AN AFTER THOUGH? You have "11", ELEVEN scripting sections. All scripting veritable and logic does not apply to all tabs. WE NEED THAT DOCUMENTATION!

Or maybe just have a script generation tool on your website for registered users. I know this keeping up with your main mouse trap is a bunch of work, but if you provide a full scripting section by section this is the only commands that work in this tab, that would be great.

Your program is awesome, and I plan to keep on keeping on with you, but OMG, clear documentation. So Pin Simplify3D Scripting to
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Re: Scripting please

I second this request.

In days past I made effort to round up commands that were said to work on Simplify in the scripting or post processing windows. I have tried to implement a few that get, or replace things, even pull a temp setting. Unfortunately the only one I know for sure that works that I use is the replace command.

I would love to see a section of the site added similar to how Marlin does their gcode help files, allowing us to see all the commands and then look up proper usage.

Unfortunately they seem to have been maintained more as a urban myth or easteregg. I would love to see that change.

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