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Temp Control For Dremel 3D45

I just tried to adjust the Bed Temperature for the 3d45, but the machine is reporting a temperature 10 degrees
cooler than what I requested. Is this a software bug or am I doing something wrong?
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Re: Temp Control For Dremel 3D45

We actually have several 3D45 machines here as well. I just tested a print on one of the machines using V5.1.2 and the bed temp heated to the correct value without issue. Can you try re-downloading the stock settings that we provide for the machine (Help > Configuration Assistant)?
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Re: Temp Control For Dremel 3D45

Hi, can you use the touch screen interface of the printer, go to Tools->Setting->Adv. Mode->Turn ON "Prioritize G-code settings". If this settings was OFF, the default material properties will override the setting set by Simplify3D. Please let me know if it works for you.

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