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Version 6 ??

I have realized that getting the check boxes back that we had in version 4 will not happen. After reading all the different comments about the boxes, we will probably not see anything until the next paid version comes out because the check boxes will act slightly different and classified as a new feature which might be a good thing.

So, it's been very close to a year since version 5 has been released. Can we expect version 6 (and our check boxes) by the end of 2023?

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Re: Version 6 ??

Yes, the team has been very busy the last few months working on features for future releases.

We constantly track and prioritize upcoming features based on the number of users that have requested the change. So if you haven't done so already, make sure to add a vote for feature you want to see most on the Feature Request sub-forum.
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Re: Version 6 ??

Why talk about a version 6, how about making version 5.x.x to a working one!

Been around since version 3. Version 4 was the best slicer out there. A lot has happened since then, and version 5 falls through.
Many have requested documentation, and after so many years there is still nothing beyond this forum:-(((
When version 5 came out I spent a lot time with it, but I find myself using Prusa slicer more and more, and today I use 98% only Prusa slicer.
The V5 license policy is not working for me, so when i need S3D i use version 4.1.2.
I will use my money on hardware, and not old software, i'am disappointed with version 5.
Have reported many bugs, and only sometimes I get a reply back, several are accepted as bugs, but there is no new version.
So unless the next version really kicks ass, S3D is over for me.
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Re: Version 6 ??

If there are specific bugs you are facing, I recommend creating a post of the Bug Report sub-forum documenting the issue. Searching through your prior posts I see several recent feature requests, but wasn't finding many bug reports.

We constantly track those bug reports and have already fixed a large number of issues since the V5 release. Documenting the issue helps us make sure it is fixed. You can see the large amount of changes and fixes we have already made in the last 12 months on this page:
https://www.simplify3d.com/products/sim ... ase-notes/

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