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Simplify3D and Original Prusa XL

Has anyone been successful with Simplify3D and the Original Prusa XL multitool?

S3D provided a profile (from an unknown source/user). I gave it a try and 3/4 through the print the Nextruder suddenly dropped into the print and drug it to the side breaking the print into 2 pieces. The print stayed adhered to the bed on the bottom section. There was a substantial 'divot' in the top layers of the upper, broken part. I experienced this type of event using a prior printer (QIDI X-Max) where the supplied profile had erroneous Z build dimensions and at the end of the print, instead of lowering the print bed, it raised it causing the hot end assembly to punch into the model.

I checked the S3D profile (for the Prusa XL) and the build dimensions are set properly. Since it occurred mid-print I'm thinking there must be a different cause.

Before I went back to Prusa Slicer I did a full printer factory reset, reflashed the firmware, full reset again and did a full re-calibrate. No issues at all with PrusaSlicer.
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Re: Simplify3D and Original Prusa XL

Moving this to the troubleshooting section which seems more appropriate. If our team provided you with a profile, then it means we would have already developed and verified that profile ourselves. I don't think we've heard any other reports of customers with the Prusa XL having issues midway through the print. Some possible things to check:
- Was the print setup to use sequential printing?
- It is possible the machine may have accidentally power cycled during the print?
- Do you have any commands on the layer change script that might be inserting actions at specific points in the print?

Otherwise, please feel free to send our team the gcode file that you printed and more details about the behavior you saw. This will make it easier for them to investigate.
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Re: Simplify3D and Original Prusa XL

I'm also curious as to. If we will see a Prusa XL config for S3D
S3D is my favorite slicer going way back like v3 or lower
I understand the multi-tool head config is a pain but 150.00 for a program I had to pay to upgrade because v5 was not included in my LIFE-TIME updates
Dont get me wrong, I paid to update to v5 and didnt complain but I would think we would see more printers in the profile
I have several Formbot printers that are not in there also
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Re: Simplify3D and Original Prusa XL

We already developed a profile for the Prusa XL and have many customers successfully using it. Contact our team at the link below, include what toolhead configuration you have, and they can share the correct profile:

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