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Continued profile management: "Modified"

First, I'm very happy with the profile management improvements between v4 and v5, especially the ability to assign settings to preset groups.

I would like there to be a little smarter parsing of profile changes.
Currently, using the preset groups (i. e., Auto-Configure for xx) adds the "(modified)" flag to the printer profile, even if the change is between two previously saved presets. It would be great if a profile was only noted as modified if the base profile changed.

The option to highlight settings that have changed is also great, but similarly, highlighting fields that change with a preset isn't informative if you're trying to identify intentional print quality tuning changes. Highlighting the preset group and setting tab would also be great for finding those so I didn't have to flip through every tab. I don't necessarily remember exactly where I left off if it's been a couple of days since I was working on a project. I don't get to spend 100% of my time printing, so I get interrupted.

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