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my processes disapeared since last time

This happens to me from time to time. i just open simplify want to prent and... what the there are no processes anymore... which piss me off as i have several tool heads and processes.

and this is not the first time.
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Re: my processes disapeared since last time

It's actually very common that the processes get changed and removed. The idea is that processes are expected to change for every single print. For example, the Variable Settings Wizard, Configuration Assistant, Multi Extrusion Wizard, and many more tools will completely change and overwrite the processes to setup a new print.

If you want the setting to be permanently stored, use the Profile Database. Those printer profiles remain permanent regardless of what happens with the processes. That where you are intended to store the important settings you don't want to use.

If you have a process you need to convert to a profile in the database, just click the "Save As New" button.

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