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Road Map

Hello Simplify3D team

Is there any chance we can get a road map for the rest of 2024? It would be nice to see when features are scheduled to be released.

  • Bambu Labs support
    Support Tree support
    Better install for Macs "Simplify3d can not be opened because it can not be verified it's free from Malware"
    Performance issue for moving panning zooming the build plate
    Better process support, example use the selected process for UI and printing, NOT the one on top of the list.
The list is goes on but lets stop here.

All but the Bambu are requests, I've made since 5.0 was launched, with promise of faster and more frequent updates.

Thank you
From a Paying customer.
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Re: Road Map

I know several of those items are already being investigated. In general our roadmap follows the feature requests that are most popular with our customers. If you review that sub-forum you can see the suggestions that are the most popular, and our team tries to prioritize those as well.

Also, just to clarify, V5 does already have native support for generating files compatible with the Bambu printers. So if you're just looking to create build files with all of the features in S3D, you can already do that. However, I know we're looking at improved connectivity so that it's easier to start or stop the print - but that won't change the build files themselves which you can already make in V5.

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