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label objects

For the feature KAMP (Klipper Adaptive Meshing & Purging) i need to activate the functionality of "labeling objects".

In Prusaslicer there is the feature and I can´t find this option in Simplify3D.

Could you give me a hint where i can find it?

This feature allows for example the usage of M486 to stop in case of more than one object on the printer bed to stop one of them.

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Re: label objects

Simplify3D does not have this functionality
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Re: label objects

I don't think that feature exists in the current V5.1 software, but it would be a great feature request to suggest for our next version!
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Re: label objects

Here is a work around to get KAMP working with Simplify3D. ... ncellation
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Re: label objects

Did an related pull request like this already some time ago. :-) ... on/pull/33 There is no extra entry in the end g-code required anymore.

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