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FFCP2 Dual Extruder Z Offset and crossing paths

Hi. I've been wreaking my brain for the past couple of days and I'd like some help with the issue of Z offset in a dual extruder setup of the FlashForge Creator Pro 2 and S3D V5.

From my understanding, the FFCP2 uses a compensation layer program that automatically calculates the height difference of the two nozzles. This is done through the settings on the touch screen of the printer. In theory, once set, both nozzles should extrude the same amount of material when travelling on a level bed. In my case however, no matter how much I adjust this setting (all the way to 2mm away from the bed, which should print in mid air), the uploaded print file from S3D ignores all that. The left nozzle extrudes a good amount of filament while the right nozzle just glides along the print bed extruding nothing.

Through some tests, I determined that the nozzles are about 0.2mm off from each other and I'd like to know if there are some settings I can insert into S3D to make it recognise the offset. The whole reason for this is because I have a print that prints white text and black casing.
The right nozzle is responsible for printing the text, but when it begins printing every layer, the nozzle will travel along the casing (shown with the direction of the red arrow in the image above) and wipe itself on the surface, creating an obvious travel line in the completed print. When it prints the first layer of the text on the surface of the casing, the nozzle will 'engrave' the tool path. Appreciate if someone can shed some light on this problem.
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Re: FFCP2 Dual Extruder Z Offset and crossing paths

If the nozzles are physically a different height, then you can typically enter a different toolhead Z offset in the firmware. Besides that, you can also add a retraction vertical lift of 0.5mm or so in Simplify3D so that it lifts an extra amount before moving to a new location. That can help avoid one color from dragging over the other.

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