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observation; We need more positive posts here

Most forums provided by software companies (and some private parties) ends up becoming a gold mine so to speak regarding the content they carry for future people to review and perhaps find the answer to a problem they are having.

While there is still gold here for versions 3 & 4 time frame and even some for version 5, it seems to be more negative posts recently regarding all the frustration version 5 users are experiencing or unhappy with how things are coming along.

Pretty sure even the post made just recently titled "Road Map" (where I was going to post this) sure seems like that person is fully aware of what is going on and trying to make S3D developers feel shame or something with how they worded anything (ie, give me a time line or road map for something you are researching or attempting to complete yet may have many unknown hurdles to overcome - and you want dates or estimates?!?).

Can we all please stop.

If you do not have anything positive to add to this forum please refrain from posting anything negative. We are all experiencing it and you're not the first to point fingers at anything on this www.

Pretty sure we can all guess the work force or number of people who work for and do the coding needed to improve the software since it's inception has probably been cut in half if not into 1/4 or even 1/8 the amount of people left. And to boot version 5 if I am not mistaken was a complete rewrite from 4.

Enough negative, post positive or just read the posts.
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Re: observation; We need more positive posts here

If there's no negativity, there's no criticality and, therefore, no feedback as to the features that are missing or buggy. If everything is positive, companies have no incentive to address issues.
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Re: observation; We need more positive posts here

That's not how this works. this is not a "fan club" we are CUSTOMERS that means we gave simplify 3D out money (and a LOT OF IT) for this software.

When it lags behind other (and free although corporate sponsored) software options out there.... yeah. your going to get negativity. telling people to not post is saying "ok slaves just shut up and be happy your slaves" type mentality.

For example I am hugely pissed off that I paid $200 for this software and now I can ONLY USE IT ON A SINGLE PC

I want this changed to AT LEAST 4 PC's in fact I want DRM removed all together (license restrictions like this is just another form of DRM)

I have 2 PC's 2 Laptops and 2 Tablets (windows tablets) that I want to use the software I paid for on. can anyone here tell me with a straight face that I should be ok with paying $1200 for this software so I can use it on all my hardware without having to "delete licenses" each time I move to another machine? OH and they are "threatening" me when I do that. notice how they say its restricted? that likely means they intended to steal from people like they do if you download "too many" printer profiles in too short an order.

and keep in mind I am one of the few supporters of Simplify 3d left !! I STILL think its the best slicer out there even with its huge lag in "features" compared to free alternatives. but I can't ever suggest anyone BUY simplify 3D. I mean with the likes of prusa slicer and Cura and orca and ideamaker out there and all free it would be insane to tell people "hey go pay $200 for this"

I still use it and DEAL with the creators mental insecurities regarding "piracy" because its STILL good software.

if they don't make some drastic changes and I mean in the next 2 or 3 years the likes of prusa slicer are going to crush them

and I UNDERSTAND simplify 3d is between a rock and a hard place. prusa can AFFORD to develop Prusa Slicer for free because their PROFIT SOURCE is printers. Ultimaker can AFFORD to develop Cura for free because their PROFIT SOURCE is printers.

People are going to develop orca willingly because banbu is really hot right now.

nothing simplfy3d can do about their THEIR ONLY profit source is this software. that puts them in a bad position.

8 years ago when slic3r and cura SUCKED and S3D was the cat's meow this was a non issue. when printers were $5000 this was not an issue.

Now printers can be had for $99 and no one in their right mind without a pressing NEED is going to spend $200 on a slicer. they are just NOT

I mean the last update from Prusa slicer was 2 days ago. the one before that was last week. they are updating (and REAL updates with meaningful changes fixes and new features) sometimes multiple times a week. the last update from Simplify3D was last AUGUST......

90% of the reason I still use S3D is because I am COMFORTABLE with it. I know intrinsically how to manipulate it to get what I want out of it. ie laziness in not wanting to "lean" how to bend prusa slicer or cura to my will.....

that gets harder and harder. especially as I start making projects that I want OTHER PEOPLE to be able to print. when that happens S3D is literally useless. I HAVE to make it print in prusa or cura etc.. because there is no way in heck I can make a project and say hey BTW you need to spend $200 on this software to do it .... yeah. sure. that's gonna fly.

and then S3D (more of the creators mental issues regarding DRM) tries to say I can't share my Gcode? sorry bub that is established US law. the output from the software is my property not yours. just like adobe can't "claim" ownership or your PSD and Microsoft word can not claim ownership of your "doc" file S3D can not claim ownership or control in any way shape or form to the Gcode file or factory files generated by ME.

I know WHY they do these things. let me spell it out for them (which they will just ignore) IT DOES NOT WORK THE WAY YOU THINK IT DOES. this kind of behavior ONLY HARMS the few people left still PAYING for this software.

How does S3D survive? I don't know. its going to be hard as hell. I mean even if S3D comes up with some new "amazing" feature prusa and ultimaker can just toss a few thousand at their engineers and tell them "copy that"

that's a very ROUGH spot to be in for s3D and I actually feel bad about that. I don't know how to fix that.

What they need is possibly an Angel ie a printer maker willing to financially support S3D to at least a partial extent so they can keep up.

V5 is not keeping up. V5 is catching up to where the others were 2 years ago. not even parity (some of the features are nice but many are niche ie not ground breaking etc..)

They also need loyalty. but then they slap their loyal customers in the face... hard. and you wonder why negativity?

I mean I paid $149 in 2016 for simplify 3d and they paid them ANOTHER $50 in 2022. I am one of those customers who ALSO runs a business so I don't mind paying $50 for a big update. but I expect REAL updates inbetween. not wait every couple years and slap another $50 price tag on another update to suck more cash from us without the quid pro quo.

and then slap me in the face with the already pathetic 2 machine license now reduced to a single machine license and then threaten me when I use the feature to move that license from machine to machine..... Nice. just slap the people in the face who PAY you $200 for your software.

not a good way to instill loyalty.

are you going to have trolls who are negative for the sake of being negative? sure. I doubt that's really all that common here. s3d simply does not have a large enough user base for that to be a big issue.

I bet most of them are just otherwise loyal customers paying their hard earned money and then getting slapped in the face or left feeling wanting.....

I post about an issue in simplify 3d and get told the broken software is me not being able to read the mind of the developer who made the words in the software have no connection with the reality in their head for that feature and I am supposed to figure that out?

hey they did address one feature. at least now when I click on a process I can now see the physical part of the model this addresses. I waited YEARS for that..... YEARS.

I post about an issue in prusa slicer forum about vase mode being a little funny 2 weeks later a hot fix "CORRECTS" the issue....

that is what is going to kill s3d

S3D spoiled me to some extend. a lot of crap software out there makes crap STL's and those files can make slicers "puke" S3D almost always takes care of that internally so I never even knew till I tried using another slicer.... Ouch. but when one has update every few YEARS and maybe with a price tag on each and the other put outs fixes sometimes weekly.... yeah. that's not going to last long and the result won't be good for S3D

My biggest issue is hoping a cracker hacks V5 before S3D goes under so I can keep using the software I love and payed for after they are gone. BECAUSE IT REALLY IS DAMNED GOOD SOFTWARE.

I KEEP hoping s3d will figure out a way to survive and move forward and then I see. last update Aug 17th 2023........ its now March 16th 2024....
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Re: observation; We need more positive posts here

@nerys, I completely agree with you.
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Re: observation; We need more positive posts here

It doesn't seem like this topic is headed in a very productive direction, but I want to at least add some feedback for a few of the topics raised above.

First of all, we appreciate the support from the OP and others. We know there are many users here on the forum that continue to share great ideas and suggestions. We want to make sure the forum continues to be a great place for users to help one another and collaborate to improve the product. We'll continue to post here regularly and do what we can to help others with the product.

I've mentioned this several other times recently, but the team has been busily working on our next major release for the last few months. The big releases allow us to tackle much larger features that can't be incorporated into smaller releases, so they are generally the most exciting ones where we get to implement the largest number of users requested changes. It's normal that there will be a longer delay before that major version is releases, so that's why there hasn't been constant patch versions released during the last quarter. The team is focusing that effort on the next major release.

For some of the comments about using V5 on many different computers, I want to make sure I mention that we now have floating licenses that are intended for this exact purpose. You can buy a single V5 floating license which can run on all the different computers that you own. This fixed a big complaint with the old V4 software, since even with that version there was no way to easily run your license on 5 different computers that you now - now with V5 we have that ability. Feel free to contact our team directly at the link below if you need more info about the floating license:

We're excited about what's coming in the next major release, so please continue to submit your ideas and suggestions in the Feature Requests sub-forum so we can incorporate them into the next release. The team truly does review that feedback constantly, so it's a great way to help shape our future roadmap.

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