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Connecting An Unknown Printer - How?

I have been trying to connect a printer to S3D - the printer does not have a match for published and supported devices.

The failure I am experiencing isn’t related to quality settings, which I am genuinely comfortable with, it’s the physical connection of an unknown printer that is the issue.

For known printers there is no issue - just select the printer from the dropdown in the configuration assistant which produces the initial profile. Everything is sweet and rosy from there on.

However with an unknown printer S3D falls over when you try to print using an unmatched profile - S3D gets an ID from the printer which doesn’t match the profile.

What is the key to success here? How do I create a profile for an unknown printer? Is there a youtube video which explains this?
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Re: Connecting An Unknown Printer - How?

You can go to Tools > Machine Control Panel, and then click the "Add New" button to connect to a new printer. It will ask you for the printer profile during the new device setup, so typically you also want to go to Help > Configuration Assistant first to download the correct profile for your printer.

If you are using some new printer that doesn't have a profile in the configuration assistant, or that the Machine Control Panel won't connect to, that might mean that software changes are required before S3D can interface with that printer. Which exact machine are you using?

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