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Recreate S3D "Resume" in Macro

Does anyone know what gcode commands are used in S3D that enable the "Pause/Resume" functionality?

My printer does not have an LCD so I print using a direct USB connection to my PC. My machine runs on Marlin 1.0.0.

I would like to build a Macro in the S3D Firmware Configuration that primes my extruder before restarting a print that I am stopping at a certain layer using the Terminal Commands. I am using an "M0" command to stop my print. So, instead of hitting "Resume" in the Machine Control, I want to hit "Macro 2" and have it move back to the print while priming the extruder to restart. I can figure out the gcode for all but the "resume". I have tried a test print and entered "G24", "M108" and "M999" to the machine using the Communication tab but they do nothing. I can't see what S3D is sending to the machine when I manually hit the "Pause" and "Resume" in the Communication window even with "Verbose" checked. It just says: "G-Code initiated print pause detected. Please click Resume to restart the print.".

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Re: Recreate S3D "Resume" in Macro

If you are printing through the Simplify3D Machine Control Panel, when the M0 comes up in the gcode S3D will automatically pause sending future commands. Once you want to resume, you just click the Resume button in the top left of the Machine Control Panel and it will start sending more lines of the file.

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