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V5 set default bed size

In V4 I was able to set a default bed size, I cannot find anything like that in V5, I realise the bed size changes after you select a process but its not a solution in this instance.

Can anyone point out if its not actually possible to set a default bed size?
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Re: V5 set default bed size

The way that you change the bed size is by selfing a different printer in the Select Profile drop down list. That will update the 3D view to match the new machine.
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Re: V5 set default bed size

What if you have made mods to the machine and need to decrease bed size by a small margin. This should be an available option.
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Re: V5 set default bed size

When you update the profile in the Edit Process Settings window, that should update the bed size from then on when using that profile. It won't fix any factory files you may have created previously.

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