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Raft Conflict

Hi all
my third year and honestly very happy using Simplify3D , just i need to ask Dev team to fix this please:
i am setting all below mentioned features for FIRST layer different form all other layers and everything OK until enabling Raft :
-first layer temperature
-first layer fan
-first layer height
-first layer width
-first layer ...
now with enabling raft all those setting will be applied to the first layer OF RAFT instead of first layer of MODEL, i see the "First Layer" work as global but i need to separate first raft layer setting from first model setting.
thanks again for the great app.
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Re: Raft Conflict

The first layer modifications are generally used to help the print stick to the bed. So if you're using a lower speed, higher flow rate, etc those are all ways to help improve adhesion. If you add a raft, the software knows the first layer of the raft is now the thing being printed on the bed, so the properties are applied to that layer.

If you want to change the properties for the first layer of the model above the raft, those settings are found on the Additions tab. You can change the above raft speed, the separation distance of the part from the raft, and so on.

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