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Fuzzy Skin is a must

I'm a licensed S3D V4.2 and V5 user, and love the product... but I have had to put it aside in favour of slicers that support fuzzy skin (ie Orca)

This is the number one reason that I cannot use S3D anymore. This is an absolute must for anyone wanting a professional look to add texture to the outer parts of 3D prints, and in my opinion when discussing options with others, one of the biggest reasons why users are turning away from S3D. Being able to set a fine fuzz on the outer surface in Orca (0.1mm and 0.1mm) hides all layer lines and gives the part a professional feel.

Please implement fuzzy skin. I saw a comment from one of your staff questioning why this is important, by now I hope you guys realise that this is something that you need to implement as an absolute priority?

Please give us a fuzzy skin option S3D.
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Re: Fuzzy Skin is a must

I know there's already another topic requesting this feature, so please feel free to add your vote there:

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