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More issues with S3D 5.1.2

Hello All,

OK so are these regressions or am I doing something wrong?
-Import STL
-Mesh>Separate Connected Surfaces
-Ctrl-L to place face on platen for each item
-Center and Arrange - All items stack vertically and I get an error:
"The packed models currently exceed the build volume dimensions. Please rotate or scale the models to better fit the available space."
WHAT!!! In V4 this worked flawlessly!
OK, so, no problem, Ctrl drag and item to a new location, right? WRONG! Ctrl drag no longer works as far as I can tell.

I hope it's just me not knowing how to use the new version, but not then this IS a regression.

Thank you,
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Re: More issues with S3D 5.1.2

Issue 1:
I just tried this but couldn't replicate the problem. Could you attach a factory file or the STL file? I would be happy to look at it.

Issue 2:
We have moved to using a 3D gizmo.

The hotkeys are:
Q - Quit Transforming model
W - Change Position
E - Change Scaling
R - Change Rotation
T - Open all Gizmos
Shift - Snapping Increments

That being said, I would be glad to forward bringing back model adjustments with mouse as a feature request to the development team. I am sure they will evaluate this request along with many others for the future releases.
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Re: More issues with S3D 5.1.2


Thank you.
1. See video I made here in a DropBox folder: ... tb9ev&dl=0
Funny thing; if I change to a different printer profile, it then works as expected. Strange.

2. Ok, I guess trying to improve things is great, but I have been using S3D for a lot of years and have developed a lot of muscle memory to just hitting Ctrl and dragging the part. It always amazes me that that is the one thing that software companies don't get (you are not alone in this) is that adding functionality is fine IF it's in addition to not instead of previous functionality.

Anyway, Thank you for replying, that hasn't always been the case on this forum.


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