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Anybody running S3D on Windows 11?

Getting ready to pull the trigger on upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. This is the only app that has the potential to crash and burn given how it is now abandonware, but is is essential to my business.

Looking for any feedback on experience with S3D and Windows 11.

Any issues?
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Re: Anybody running S3D on Windows 11?

S3D runs just fine but Windows 11 SUCKS! don't install it unless you have to.
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Re: Anybody running S3D on Windows 11?

S3D and Windows 11 running smoothly here.

I did intsall a few tweaks to restore some Windows 10 functionality I didn't want to lose. No rocket science involved....

btw...don't tell anyone, but Windows 11 is Windows Vista with four sets of cosmetic changes applied. ;)
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Re: Anybody running S3D on Windows 11?

No issues here either.
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Re: Anybody running S3D on Windows 11?

Ever since I upgraded to Win 11 everytime I click "export to disk" it tries to be helpful and instead of trying to find the SD-card it navigates to c:\users\my profile. This is driving me nuts. I hate it. It was so simple before when everytime you clicked "Export to Disk" it opened up the sd-card, clicked save and now you need to navigate to the sd-card. Now when I think I'll just print it quickly. Click export disk, save. Then run 100m to my printer, which icludes two sets of stairs. I connect the sd-card and notice. "Hmm... I didn't save it to the sd-card but on my windows profile, how handy." I run the 100m and two sets of stairs back up. Boot up my computer. Make sure I saved it to the sd-card, which takes a 10-15 minutes because I don't want to come back up again unless I seriously have to. The computer is up and the file has been saved in 5min but I'd rather kill myself than run back up again because Win 11 tries to be helpful and save the environment by making sure no more plastic ends up in the nature.
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Re: Anybody running S3D on Windows 11?

You should be able to do this by going to Tools > Options (or Simplify3D > Preferences on Mac), then change the File Selection Behavior to ‘Remember a unique last used directory for each separate file type’.

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