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General improvement for tool tips

Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:23 pm

First off, let's just congratulate designers on using hover-over tool tips at all. This feature is missing in many UX out there, so thank you. It makes the software a joy to use.

That said, in Edit Process Settings, when I hover over a numeric configuration item, you tell me what it is and often what its purpose is, which is good. What I would like is a short additional sentence describing the effect of increasing or decreasing the parameter. This would save learners a lot of time, as what I must do now is to query the existing documentation for the configuration item, then read through or search within this corpus for the answer, when all I want to do is to know which direction I should swing the number for an expected result.

In many cases, the description is quite enough, for example there is not much to misunderstand about "The diameter of your extrusion nozzle." The extra directional information is needed for some of the more arcane numeric parameters.

Here are a few examples where a description falls short of telling the user which direction s/he should go with the parameter:

Support Pillar Resolution, the tooltip is "Determines the resolution used for support material calculations" -- In this case, I do not know the precise definition of "resolution," in this context, so I can either go and look it up, or I can try, say using "2" instead of "3" and print the part and see what it does. An additional sentence such as "A larger resolution makes the pillars easier to interact with" or "smaller values provide more detailed support when a model has many tiny features." This would really help speed up iterative processes used by people like me, who enjoy failing until I don't fail anymore.

Outline Overlap helpfully is prompted with "Percentage of extrusion width that will overlap with outline perimeters (ensures infill bonds to outline)." A helper directional phrase here would be something like, "higher values may be needed if infill is not well anchored to the model outline."

Another tool tip addition that would be helpful is to indicate the "typical" or default range for a parameter, or simply state that "most users do not have to change this" if the feature was added for a fringe case.

When tweaking configuration values, I just want to know the most likely direction I should go (or if I need to change it at all) to achieve a given result.

Thanks and keep up the great work in 2019!

Mike Moore

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