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Changing Filament on the Cubicon Single Plus

Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:13 am

I have a Cubicon Single Plus and have been trying to use Simplify3D to set up pauses at selected layers to change filament. Most people recommend using a post-processing script to modify the GCODE with something like

{REPLACE "\n; layer 11, Z = " "\nG28 X0 Y0\nM0\nG28 X0 Y0\nG92\n; layer 11, Z="}

This is supposed to find the comment that is inserted into the GCODE before the the layer (layer 11 in this case), insert commands to:

o send the extruder to X=0 Y=0
o pause the print
o wait for the user to do the filament change then press continue on the panel to resume the print. [/list]

I tried this and the printer does indeed stop at the appropriate layer but does not go to X=0 Y=0 and subsequently refuses to respond to any interaction on the LCD panel.

Others proposed using M25 or M600 commands instead of M0 but I got the same behaviour with these as with M0.

I don't tend to use Cubicreator because I find Simplify 3D produces much better prints. However Cubicreator does allow you to insert pauses at nominated layers and this does work. I checked the GCODE that it produces and found that it was using an M905 command for the pause, which in the RepRap documentation seems to be intended to change the time and date. So it would appear that the implementation of the GCODE interpreter on the Cubicon has redefined the G905 command as a pause.

At any rate for those Cubicon Single Plus users out there who are using Simplify3D and want to insert pauses this script works for me.

{REPLACE "\n; layer 11, Z = " "\nM905 S1\nG0 X118.997 Y116.003 Z1.3\n; layer 11, Z="}

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