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Compensate for Raft

Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:04 pm

I always print with a raft. The parts come out great. I am working on some dimensional sensitive parts and the raft is throwing them off in Z. I assume it is the separation distance. I am shooting for .125in and I am getting a consistent .140. The bottom few layers of the part are all consistent with a slight taper, again I assume due to the separation distance. I get good bottom layer bonding but it does look a little under extruded, great adhesion and easy removal. All that is left is to correct the taper and error in Z. I have the separation distance set at .28mm I am printing with .2mm layers and my total error on a .125in part is .38mm. My top layers look good so I do not think it is an extrusion problem. I am doing a test print with the z scaled 92% to compensate for the offset but is there a better way to handle this?

If I increase the separation distance I get bad bottom layers. If I decrease it the raft sticks too well. .28 is the sweet spot for my setup.


The part scaled in Z came out within .005in (.12mm) This surely is a work around and not a fix.

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