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Print time says 2 hours 11 minutes, 5 hours actual

I installed the 4.1.2 update today. I changed nothing, just loaded and everything was where I left it so I made a new print and it says 2 hours and some minutes in S3D. 5 hours later it finished. S3D has always been pretty close. Is there something going on that I need to reset or change in the new version to get back to a better estimate?
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Re: Print time says 2 hours 11 minutes, 5 hours actual

S3D recently upgraded their method of time estimates in order to improve estimations. I guess your printer somehow happened to match the less accurate estimates better in the earlier versions. There's really nothing practical you can do in S3D to improve time estimates. The best you can do is change your printer firmware settings in order to get closer to S3D's estimates. Their estimates have and are still not overly accurate, although I believe they're still working on improving it.

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