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Ultimaker S5

Thu May 16, 2019 10:01 am

we have an Ultimaker S5 which is supported by Simplify3D.
But it is not really usable...
1. It is not clear how to define two different materials. Auto Config has an option for PLA (Right) PVA (Left) but it is the wrong way around.
2. There is an Option to change the Extruder Toolhead index where you have the option of Tool 0-5. Ultimaker uses the Numbers 1 and 2. So now we have 3 Systems which is Left - Right, 1 and 2, 0-5. So no way of figuring out what is what. I understand if you want to keep the System more generic for multiple Printer but then it needs a guide per printer which Printer Extruder Head Number (Ultimaker S5: 1 and 2) is linked to which toolhead index inside of Simplify
3. Make an option to select a Material per extruder. Otherwise the ultimaker always prompt that you need to change filament from XXX to YYY.


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